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About Me

Welcome! You came here to get to know me, & I hope to get to know you! I'm Erica.  I am based out of Scottsdale, AZ. I have moved from East Coast, to West Coast & back, more than Id care to admit. I KNOW with every move, one of the things I treasure most are the photos & art from each place we have lived. Capturing our favorite moments in our favorite places!


I want to share that with you. I hope to help you celebrate the special moments in your life. Im talking from eating your favorite slice of pizza (my fav) to momentous family moments.  I love change, I love new adventures, lets celebrate yours! When we work together, I want it to be FUN. I want your photos to be a reflection of you, your spirit, or your connection with you and your partner/family. Staged poses have their time and place, but I want to capture the genuine joy, quirky moments, or stolen glances. I want you to be able to cherish these photographs for years to come and share with others the story they tell.  Id love to get to know you more! Fill out the free 15 min. consult and lets connect or head over to contact me page!

Scottsdale, AZ

c: 978 870 4755

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